A Radiospurs Tool Site

A collection of items that can ease life in putting your system together. Nothing new here, just the convenience of having simple calculators in the same place


Otherwise known a resistive attenuators. Too much signal that threatens to overdrive an input. Need to smooth a signal flow.

Then a resistive pad could be the answer. We look at both unbalanced and balanced formats



Broadcasting, (at least here) means transmission through air. So some means needs to be provided to launch our carefully constructed modulation into the air (transmission medium). There many ways to do this both by electrical and magenetic priority simulation of the ether, simple dipoles, yagi, frame box´s, cylinders, patches, horns, slots. In fact anything stuck up in the ether will couple something. (Well LED RAM memories are an exception)

In this section we look at some dipole...yagi used for RF emissions


The Great Circle

If you are not on line of sight, you may wonder what the shortest distance between two points on mummy Earth is.

Great Circle

RF Propagation

Some calculations related to studio radio links.



Just a memory list of waveguide sizes.


Understanding a Weather Forecast

Who hasn´t got caught out up a misty rainy mast from not understanding the weather forecast. A few items of terminology.